Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Type Pirate Freak
Alignment Neutral Evil
Abilities Krakenbeard form
Enhanced aim
Ghost powers over his crew
Cant die on old age
Ghost Ship
Status Alive
Occupation Stealing and Murdering

Yellowbeard is RED Tf2 freak created by steam user Chaos Sorcerer. He is wearing Squid's Lid, Bootlegger, Tartantaloons, Lordly Lapels, Mann of the Seven Sees, Liquor Locker (Left Hip) and All-Father (Thunderstruck, Australium Gold). In his Krakenbeard form he wears he wears exact same cosmetics only All-Father is replaced with Cap'n Calamari. He is seen with Claidheamh Mòr or Loose Cannon.

His theme is when he and his crew appear is "Booty Bay - Music of Cataclysm"

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Unlike other pirate captains in past that had big wooden ships and crew made of flesh and bones he has a big Ghost ship with his crew is purely made of ghost essence.


Faults and Weaknesses Edit