Creator Rivfruifv
Creation November 11, 2012
Debut Buildin' a Sentry
Type Canine
Alignment True Neutral

Lawful Good (Achtung)

Attitude Varies Between Types
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Varies Between Types
Weaknesses Varies Between Types
Status Multiplying
Enemies Rabbit Scout
"We go together."
A Werevy sharing it's food with it's comrades

Werevy is an entire species of Heavy TF2 Freaks created by YouTube user Rivfruifv.


Werevies typcially take the appearance of a Heavy wearing the K-9 Mane and the Warrior's Spirit in order to look similar to wolves, the animals in which Werevies get their name. They are also typically seen pulling a facial expression known as the "Gum Smile" (MB + DS).

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Werevies sport similar behavior to that of any real wolf. They are most commonly found in forest areas, but a few can also be spotted in more urban territories. They are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants. When in city areas, they can also most likely be found eating out of garbage cans, or stealing food from nearby civilians.


Werevy Assembly Line

Every known variety of Werevy lined up side-by-side in order of color.

So far, there are a total of nine identified variants of Werevy.

  • RED: The most common variant, known to be resistant to fire and intense heat.
  • ORG: Known for being the strongest variant.
  • YLW: Resistant to electricity and shocks.
  • GRN: Distinguishing traits are currently unknown.
  • BLU: The second most common variant, known for being expert swimmers from birth and are incapable of drowning.
  • PLR: Distinguishing traits are currently unknown.
  • BLK: More commonly nocturnal, and have a thicker hide than the rest.
  • GRY: Distinguishing traits are currently unknown.
  • WHT: More commonly found in arctic areas, and are the most resistant to the cold.
  • Achtung: Dr. Uppengraden's pet Werevy; he's a BLU variant who has been augmented to feel and express human emotions. He's distinguished from an ordinary BLU Werevy by the Pocket Medic he wears on his chest.

Notable VideosEdit