Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 14.9.2016
Type Poisonous Reptile
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Fighting style Melee
Relies on his toxins
Abilities Manipulating Toxins
Suprise of Viper
Weaknesses Slow
Opponents immune to poisons and toxins
Invulnerable opponents
Long Ranged weapons
Status Alive
Occupation Killing for fun or food

Viper is WHT Sniper TF2 Freak created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer.

His main theme is: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles Poison Mind.

His battle theme is: Backbone (Megalovania and Bonetrousle Remix).


Viper as he calls himself is albino Poisoner the last of these dangerous creatures. As name says Poisoners used toxins to kill their prey. He was captured by RED team and was supposed to be an animal that would help them against BLU team. He was playing all along as an good killing pet until it was his chance to escape. Now he roams Freak world and does things as his kind did.Only strongest survive.

Appearance and Personality

Viper is WHT sniper wearing Scaly Scrapers, Cranial Conspiracy, Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul,Darwin Danger Shield and Frontier Flyboy.

Viper is flying beast that does only kill for fun or for hunger.

Powers and Abilities

  • Corrosive Skin- Anyone who touches viper with melee weapons will slowly corrode. It also poisons people who touch him. 
  • Toxins: NetherToxin: If enemies are badly wounded his attacks do more damage.
  • Neurotoxin: This toxin isnt killing as most of his toxins but will paralyze victim for some time. Only paralizes if victim is fighting or running too much.
  • Blinder: This toxin is mostly used on eyes and it makes great burn to anyones eyes who is sprayed by this toxin.
  • Viper strike: Slows the target and poisons his victim. The poison doesnt kill fast but if it stays in veins for at least 72 hours of victim it will die by horrible and painfull death. 
  • Suprise of Viper- When viper is defeated one limb or leg will launch to safe itself somewhere where its safe and then Viper gets speed buff and explodes in cone of toxin and poison that will slowly melt his opponents. After some time the limb or leg will regenarate creating Viper again. Viper cannot be stunned or anything in this state. Even when some weapons or powers are supposed to destroy him it will not happen.
  • Flying-He can fly with his wings.

Faults and Weaknesses

He can't fight with opponent that is immune to toxins and poisons.

Invulnerable opponents (Painis Cupcake, BLU Vagineer) will not melt to his poison.

Corrosive skin damages only melee fighting freaks making it usseless against long ranged weapons.

Viper will turn purple when he is in his exploding mode.

On flying unit he is pretty slow.


This freak was inspired and is using voice of Viper from dota 2.

I tried to make him different from Venom from Gaming Tobbe I hope i didnt failed.