Creator BoBaFett1115
Creation October or November 2012
Debut Swiff's swanky day
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Random
Fighting style Various
Abilities Increased Speed, Strength, and Endurance
Modified Blown-Off Elephant Gun
Flying Guillotine
Sandman (Occasionally)
Fast Renewable Dead Ringer
Defying the laws of physics
Weaknesses The Unexpected
Status Blown up and killed multiple times
Occupation Unusual Scout
Allies Armeni

Swiff is a GRY Scout TF2 Freak and TF2sona of YouTube user BoBaFett1115, now known as Swiff.

Appearance and Behavior Edit

Swiff is a GRY Scout wearing The El Jefe (in RED Cream Spirit), Digit Digit Divulger in Open Leather style, Professor Specs, and Sneakers. Unlike other scouts, Swiff doesn't have a bag on his back and bears the Mandalorian symbol on his shirt, a camo on his pants and facial hair. His eyes are a different color, one is brown the other is an icy blue.

Swiff is rather unusual for a regular scout in interests, opinions and other things. Swiff is occasionally randomly crazy, but is can be sane and friendly too. For a Scout, his thinking is very different compared to a normal scout in opinions, likes, hates and intrests. Unlike the typical scout, Swiff is not always in need of a dispensers, unless out of ammunition and/or dying, and doesn't have the opinions and other intrests like a regular scout.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Swiff's favorite weapon of choice is the Blown-Off Elephant Gun which was specially modified to fire four shots and have a slight damage increase. He also uses a Flying Gullotine, which he uses it like a normal knife and throws it. Swiff ocassionally uses the Sandman, although he is more for his gun and. Swiff is also stronger and slightly faster than a normal scout. 

Swiff also carries a fast renewing dead ringer to trick his enemies, which buys him time for a revenge shot. It is still hard to tell how he uses it because when he gets shot, he is in a normal stance, but when decloaked, you see the watch in his hand. Swiff can defy the laws of physics and uses this ability wisely, such as by randomly pop up behind or in front of someone or come out of nowhere when someones back is turned.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Swiff doesn't pay attention to things and makes a rather easy target.
  • For a very tough Scout, he is sometimes easy to knock down.
  • Swiff isn't good at predicting his opponents' actions.
  • Sometimes Swiff is vulnerable to Pyros, escepcially one with a backburner.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Swiff was a quirky BLK Scout, but that concept design was scrapped and later switched to a GRY look.
  • Swiff's items are all copied from his creator's Scout loadout.
  • Swiff's TF2sona is his oldest creation and has been through many changes.