So-Sorry is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak.

His theme is Undertale OST - Wrong Enemy!?

So-Sorry with his lucky revolver


He was working with some Thieving BLU Soldiers intell a U.F.O crashed in their base once he found a paper and bag with a knife that erase his memories to because the Freak he is now because a Gardevoir made his own memories as a nice and friendly artist to anyone and now one of the founding members of S.W.P.A.O.(Soldier, War, Pig, Army, Outcasts)


He is a BLU Spy who loves to draw art when not traveling the world he mostly wears Fancy Fedora, Griffin's Cog, Rogue's Col Roule and Ressurrection Associate Pin and wears four other hats when in battle and the shape of his head changes with expressions


He is an apprehensive, apologetic, but otherwise friendly artist. His attacks are not deliberate attempts to harm anyone but rather clumsy attempts to show his art.

Power and Abilities

  • He can understand the MeeMs and Vagineers' language.
  • His magic knife can make Doodle-Minions or MeeMs.
  • His magic knife attacks for no reason when drawing.
  • He will offer gold to stop trying to kill him.
  • He can survive a bomb blast without a stitch.
  • He throws his paper/props accidentally out of his bag.
  • He goes away after attacking him 11 times.
  • His Void walker power lets him travel though worlds like L4D, Gmod, Half-life and TF2.

Faults and Weakness

  • He does not want harm anyone but he will work with evil freaks to repay them for forgiveness.
  • If he is away from his Doodle-Minions or MeeMs he is left defenceless to attacks.
  • He thinks bloodied bodies or statues are art and may want to talk to them leaving him open to attacks.
  • He lacks any known ranged attacks.
  • His biggest weakness is that his best friend Gardevoir will bitchslap him (which will almost kill him) to get his magic knife back.
  • Although he can survive a bomb blast, a Kick in the groin will cause him to fall over dead while helding on to his testicles while saying "I do believe that I am dead".


  • He is based off of So Sorry from Undertale bit with a bit of humor.
  • So-Sorry has five other hats when in battle: Fancy Fedora, Frenchman's Beret, Blood Hound, Candyman's Cap and Party Hat.
  • He is secretly gay and a furry.
  • When he dies a sign pops up reading "Art is dead".