Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Type Alien
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Calm
Abilities Pin in place
Can´t be killed
Instantly heals anyone
The gas he is breathing makes people around him vomit
Status Undead
Occupation Scavenging the corpses and parts of dead mercenaries

Scavenger is BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by Steam user: Chaos Sorcerer

His main theme is: Room of Angel (Instrumental) - Akira Yamaoka


Scavenger is BLU spy wearing Facepeeler, Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul, Scarecrow, Lady Killer , Captain Space Mann, Batter's Bracers, Flashdance Footies and Battery Canteen (charged). He is seen with meat hook(sfm). On his back there is BLU medi-gun.


Where are dismembered parts and corpses that don't dissapear there is an unknown demonic entity that is only known as Scavenger. Why he collects dismember parts and corpses is unknown. Some say he eats them others he makes an army of flesh golems. He never fights ever. He is more like bothered when he is supposed to fight but rather pins the fighters on place.

Powers and Abilities

He has BLU medi-gun on his back changes air around him on gas he breathes. Some of it will also escape to air that leaves people around him vomit and feel disgusted.

Pin in place- Throws his hook and pins foes on place with his meat hook. It's slowly killing them, makes great pain to them when they try to move it and silince's their abilities.

After he is done with his work unpins his foe and rapidly regenarate him or brings him back to life (when died while pinned) and stuns him until Scavenger can easily escape. He only uses this on unpinned targets.

Faults and Weaknesses

He doesn't attack at anyone and lefts them be if they don't attack him.

Fast freaks can easily dodge his hook.

He doesn't care at killing anyone and heals them or brings them back to life after they are unpinned.

When his helm brokes he will be taking for breath and then dissapear to place from where he came from.