Creator Rivfruifv
Creation September 4, 2011
Debut Giant Sandvich
Type Augmented Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Unsympathetic
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Pan-Punch
Status Alive
Occupation Rent-a-Hero
Superiors Dr. Uppengraden
Allies Dr. Uppengraden


Enemies Touching Story

Dr. Robograden

Pancolawich getting ready for action

Pancolawich is a RED Demoman TF2 Monster created by YouTube user Rivfruifv.

He is the main protagonist of Pancolawich Adventure.


Apparently, Pancolawich was originally a regular RED Demoman. However, he was the third victim of Touching Story. Dr. Uppengraden came to the rescue and saved him. The former Demoman was Touching Story's last victim before being stopped by Dr. Uppengraden.

Dr. Uppengraden then transformed the Demoman into Pancolawich. Dr. Uppengraden, apparently, came up with the name by accident, and decided to stick with it.


Pancolawich has the appearance of a very weird RED Demoman, with a Sandvich that replaces his head and Frying Pans to replace his hands and wrists. He wears 2 Crit-a-Colas for grenades and a Stout Shako for his hat.

His appearance in his first video was of a RED Demoman with a smaller Sandvich head, Frying Pans replacing his hands, 6 Bonk! Atomic Punches and the Concheror.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Pancolawich enjoys peace and tranquility. When there is trouble about, he will get angered and rush to the scene to save the day. Most of the outcomes result in him winning. After he wins, he rests perched atop a high, unreachable peak, expecting another chaotic event to happen, and for him to stop it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

So far, the only known ability of Pancolawich is his Pan-Punch, where he punches an opponent and screams "Ka-BOOM!". He can also give to others the ability to perform a Pan-Punch.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

He is as resilient as a regular Demoman, therefore being easily defeated by other Freaks.


  • Pancolawich was originally scheduled to make an appearance in the infamous Masked Offender Series, sometime around the series' intended finale. However, the series was scrapped far too early for his part in the storyline to ever materialize.
  • He was originally only meant to appear in one video, but was revived and established as a legitimate character five months later.

Notable VideosEdit

Pancolawich AdventureEdit