Creator Pow
Creation 8/10/2015
Type Guardian
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Pending...
Fighting style Pending...
Abilities Erasing unoriginal Freaks
Weaknesses Originality
Status Alive
Occupation Promoting creativity
Allies Most original Freaks
Enemies Unoriginal Freaks

Origineer is a GRY Engineer freak by Pow.

He does not have a theme yet.


Origineer is a GRY Engineer wearing a BLU Gloveslinger, Aged Mustache Grey Constructor's Camo, a Life Support System and a Towering Pillar of Hats.

Personality and Behaviour

Origineer roams the Freak world, looking for unoriginal Freaks to destroy. His view of unoriginal is:

  • Has the abilities of one or multiple Freaks (Doppelganger, look out)
  • Is a carbon copy of another Freak
  • Is a fusion of multiple Freaks

Abilities and Weaknesses

Origineer has the power to delete unoriginal Freaks by holding his Gloveslinger towards them, one at a time. The time it takes to erase them depends on the unoriginality of the Freak. Whilst a Freak is being erased, the Gloveslinger harbours an energy ball and the Freak glows blue. Eventually, the Freak will fade away.

Origineer cannot erase original Freaks, and if he is interrupted while erasing a Freak, the progress will be undone.


Origineer, erasing Painis Vagicake


  • Origineer was inspired by both Fabio, another concept who relied on having more hats to beat opponents, and the FreakShow admins.