Noble Hatter
Noble Hatter Updated
Creator The Nobody
Creation February 26th, 2017 (concept)
Debut Heavy's Monotonous Adventure
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Egotistical, Smug
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Hat Transformation
Weaknesses Limited weaponry, Limited fighting capabilities, Low durability
Superiors People with hats
That hat is not mercenary issue, son![src]

The Noble Hatter is a PRL Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user The Nobody.

His theme song is Banjoland (Nighttime) - Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts OST

Appearance Edit

The Noble Hatter appears as a PRL Soldier wearing a Scotsman's Stovepipe along with two red and green jars of urine on his bandolier instead of his default grenades. He also lacks the default pouches on his uniform.

He carries around an enormous wrench, which is his weapon of choice.

Personality and Behaviour Edit

When the Noble Hatter notices a person without a hat, he will state that their hats are 'not mercenary issue'. He will then proceed to hit the victim with his wrench, often with a villanous expression on his face.

The Noble Hatter believes that people who wear hats are perfect beings who can't commit mistakes, and thus thinks of himself as part of a conjoined master race, of sorts. He will typically show a profound lack of respect for people without hats, and will never accept whenever things don't go his way, since he believes that he and other people with hats must be treated as superior individuals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Noble Hatter can transform other objects into hats by hitting them with his wrench. Inanimate objects only take a single hit to transform, but a human being might take multiple hits, depending on their durablility. For example, a Scout would take significantly less hits to transform than a Heavy, since Heavies are generally considered to be tougher.

The Noble Hatter seems to possess an immense amount of physical strength, since he is typically shown carrying his absurdly sized weapon with only a single hand, and performing a considerable amount of swift attacks in a small space of time when in combat.

The Noble Hatter also carries two jars of urine on his bandolier, which he can use to paint other objects with, including (but not limited to) hats and cosmetic items.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Opponents with enhanced or superhuman durability are impossible for the Noble Hatter to defeat, since he would be required to hit them with his wrench countless times before successfully transforming them.

The Noble Hatter's aggressiveness towards people without hats may get him into dangerous situations, like challenging an opponent stronger than him.

His wrench also does not inflict any physical damage on its own, making it even more useless against higher ranked freaks.

The Noble Hatter’s wrench is his only weapon, which means he has no means of ranged combat.

In terms of durability, the Noble Hatter is a completely ordinary Soldier.

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Trivia Edit

The Noble Hatter's design is based on an actual item from Team Fortress 2, called the Noble Hatter's Violet.