Mr Untra
Mr Untra
Creator Shadow Soldier Omega
Creation 17/02/2016
Type Cyborg
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Close to Mid-range
Abilities Energy ball

Limb Regeneration modified Medigun Expert Marksmanship Field of Force

Weaknesses Magic/Electricity

EMP Attacks

Status Alive
Occupation Australium Scientist
Allies S.W.A.T. Demo

Piss Jarete

Enemies Bad Guys

Mr Untra is a WHT TF2 Freak conceptualized by YouTube user ShadowSoldierOmega.

His combat theme is DragonBall Absalon - Xicors Theme (The Enigma TNG) By Saiyan Enigma

Origin Edit

He was once a Australium how to all the other..

But one day within of a box full of Australium he began to absorb the Australium of within of box do a body of a medic and breaking the box.after of 5 days.he studying the function of Australium

Personality and Behavior Edit

Mr Untra has a good behavior is kind like of help he like of used the Australium to your fights.

  • Energy ball: Causes an explosion of energy, making the enemy walk more slowly.

Limb Regeneration: His limbs are able to regenerate quickly.

Modified Medigun  : Heals muchmore fast than a normal medigun.

Expert Marksmanship: Never misses

Force Field : Creates a field around of Mr Untra

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • If Mr Untra gets shot in the eye, he gets temporarily blind and vulnerable to other freaks.
  • Mr Untra' durability can be badly affected with electricity, EMP and magic.

Trivia Edit