Mercenary Transport and Accomodation Units
Military Organization
Headquarters Unaccounted
Leader(s) Scouter Boss
Other Members Diverse range of members
Purpose Transportation of mercenaries
Capturing of car-related freaks
Accomodation of mercenaries
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Active Personnel Thousands
Reserve Personnel 200
Mercenary Transport and Accomodation Units, or MTaAU, is a national company set on the transport and accomodation of mercenaries that are placed on maps and need a quick and fast way to travel, but also hold a dark side to the company, of that they capture an torture car-related freaks to power their transport when needed and in secret, will commit to their goal of complete power over the mercenaries they transport.


Two freak brothers, a Soldier and a Engineer though freaks themselves, saw horrid acts of murder on mercenaries by freaks they had seen on their travels, and decided to find out how to safely transport mercenaries from one place to another and created the Mercenary Transport and Accomodation Units, with the Engineer as the founder and the Soldier as the co-founder, as mercenaries found out about their work and spread the word, the Soldier went of to start another company that sold supplies to rouge mercenaries and food to normal mercenaries, Unexpectedly, the Soldier's company blasted off with complete success and while the MTaAU was still quite popular, the Engineer felt like his brother needed him more than this own company, so the Engineer gave his consent to give his ownership to a Scout, who was unknowingly gone mental and would later call himself Scouter Boss. Although Scouter Boss had complete power over the company, their power supply was running out fast and Scouter Boss would soon have to shut down "his" company. So in a desperate attempt to hold his power, he thought up a plan to capture car-related freaks, to capture the cars to power their transport and the freaks themselves to power the cars themselves. Scouter Boss decided to start an army of his own to try and overpower and own the mercenaries they transport


Employees and Agents


Scouter Boss

Upper Class Employees




Gentry Agents

Edge Scout



The Slaughter Bros