Lil' Boom
File:Lil boom.PNG
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 10/5/16
Type Ranged Fighter
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Kind
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities A very accurate thrower
Regenerating Bowling Ball
Status Alive
Occupation Becoming the #1 Bowler
Ill put this in my trophy room. Where they all are[src]

Lil Boom is a RED Scout TF2 Freak made by user Captain Huzan

His theme is Tropic Love - Diviners Feat. Contacreast (Bass Boosted)


Lil’ Boom had always been a fan off knocking down anything...even his parents, when he was 5 he won 10 tournaments. Then the count kept increasing. He eventually went out to bash some mercenaries heads in with his ball, but soon found it boring, he let a red medic experiment on him, giving his bowling ball a regenerative power and Lil Boom more throwing power, but his metabolism would go down faster

Appearance and personalityEdit

Lil’ Boom wears the Intergalactic Outlaw

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

Lil’ Booms bowling ball hits hard. It can somehow change size (not shape) when it is thrown since he got a modification from a medic.

The Bowling Ball regenerates in Lil’s hand if it’s destroyed

Faults and weaknessesEdit

Just because he has unlimited balls and skill doesn't mean he has unlimited energy, he gets pretty tired easily ands will randomly sit down to drink something, leaving him wide open for about 2 minutes

He can be hit by his own ball if it is reflected or a freak with fast hands catches it and throws it back

His metabolism runs down very quickly