John Heeva
Creator BurgerLord
Creation 11/26/15
Type Meta-Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Belligerent
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Immense strength

High speed

Weaknesses Straight-forward
Status Alive
Occupation Professional Wrestler
Enemies Undyro
John Heeva is a GRN Heavy freak conceptualized by BurgerLord

His theme is My Time Is Now (Instrumental) - John Cena

Appearance and Personality

John Heeva is a GRN team Heavy wearing the Mann Co. Cap, indubitably green painted Killing Gloves of Boxing and an indubitably green painted heavy lifter.

Even though he's usually only seen for a few seconds, he is known to be extremely belligerent as he'll usually try to tackle normal merc's and other heavy freaks. He has no reason to fight other freaks, he only does it for fun. Though it isn't uncommon for him to be kind and considerate to harmless freaks (i.e. Intelligent Heavy, Stu Pidface (in a sense), etc.)

Powers and Abilities

John Heeva has considerable strength, the biggest thing he can take down is a giant robot Heavy with lack of effort.

He is also extremely agile, he can outrun a Scout with ease.

Faults and Weaknesses

He's straight-forward, any freak with good footing or any freak that can become intangible can evade him tackling them.

John Heeva isn't known for being intelligent, he might frequently try to fight a Heavy freak that's much more powerful than him.


John Heeva is (rather loosely) based off of the John Cena meme.