Creator Kyuubiman3
Type Infected undeads
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Insane
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Wall walk
seer numbers
stranded weapons
Weaknesses Frail bodies
fire and bulltets
Status At Large
Occupation Infect the world
Superiors Their masters
Changling Trickerster
Enemies Everyone

- they are mainly Pyros and Spies are a species that originated from BLU team

The Boils are made by user Kyuubiman3

Appearance Edit

They are mostly covered in Boils with garbage or dirty clothes.

Origin Edit

The Infected (Occasionally referred to as Boils) are mostly Pyros and Spies who have fallen victim to an affliction known as "Space Plague" that infects the Asteroid. They originated from BLU team at Asteroid The infected have since degenerated into group of Psychotic Cannibals roaming mostly at Fronter, Upward, Kong King, Harvest, Well and Badlands in search of human flesh to consume. All infected wear remnants of their old uniforms and feature enormous boils infesting their skin. Their Superiors were a group of Vagineers before killing them for their flesh to survive.

Personality and Behaviour Edit

The Infected inhait some regions of the TF2 Freak World they travel or search for food they per refer to stay at caves or warm areas and travel in groups of 12 they only eat human flesh not each other's.

They only infect Pyros or Spies to grow their army/Group

when they see normal people they just stare at them for 5 seconds before attacking them and consume them

if in event meeting non-Infected freaks they'll try to infect them to join their ranks

Infected Units Edit

Infected Spy Wokers with Graylien and Hyperbaric Bowler wielding a wrench.

Infected Pyro guard with Mucous Membrain, Rail Spikes and Up Pyroscopes wielding SMGs and Shotguns

Boil Spy Workers with Facepeeler, Nightmare Hunter and Lurker's Leathers wielding Jag or Maul

Boil Pyro Guard with TF2VRH, Brimstone and Abharremt Appendages wielding Painc Attack

Scout Thief Rat with B'aaarrgh-B-Bicone, B'aaarrgh-n-Britches, Planeswalker Goggles and Caffeine Cooler they are the thieves of the group stealing meat or others weapons to feed the group wielding Sandman

Super Boil a rare Heavy species with Can Opener, Soviet Stitch-Up and Monstous Mandible wielding Fist of Steel.

Notable Infected Edit

Lazlo a RED Soldier with Idiot Box, Steel Pipes and Caped Crusader wielding Begger's Bazooka he's their enforcer of the group and most feral one

Dummy is a BLU Soldier with Steel Shako, Exquisite Rack and Lieutenant Bites wielding Escape Plan and feared by many

Buzz is a RED Scout with Cross-Comm Express, Tomb Wrapper, Caffeine Cooler, Chucklenuts and Courtier's Collar he's the leader of the thief rats

Eghood a RED Spy with Noh Mercy, Backstabber's Boomslang and Escapist wielding Wanga pick and Ambassador and Is the second in command

Gremlin a ORG Pyro with Fallen Angel, Abhorrent Appendages, Pyromancer's Mask and Ghastlierest Gibus and the leader of the infected

Power and Abilities Edit

  • Wall Walk: it allows them to walk on walls to get the drop on their victims.
  • Enhanced Speed more a bit faster then Scout and make quick attacks
  • Enhanced Senses able to sense prey behind walls
  • Night Vision let's them see in dark places like caves
  • Sharpen claw to tear their victims apart with a swift hit

Faults and Weakness Edit

  • If alone they are cowards to things with weapons
  • fragile to fire and some bulltets
  • can't fight some med and High-Ranking freaks
  • They won't fight on when They know when they are beaten
  • if in the dark to long they will be blinded by the sun for 1 minute

Trivia Edit

Their based off of the Boils of Borderlands pre sequel

Gremlin is the only one with other freak powers

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