Ingis is a YLW Scout TF2 Monster created by Youtuber Hellkry

Ctf doublecross0185
Creator Hellkry
Creation 1/1/15
Debut Pending..
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Abrasive
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Fire Manipulation
Very High Intelligence
Illusion Creation
Weaknesses Angelic Power
Removing his Medallion
Magical Attacks
Status Roaming
Occupation Chaos Making Demon
Superiors Unknown
Subordinates Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Rubrik


Not much is known of Ignis, all people know of him is that he is a demon of the underworld, searching for something, causing mischief and chaos all the way through. One example of this mischief was when a certain engineer and soldier went to create a serum, but it only to create monsters. He of course caused this by altering it, laughing on his away out, wondering about the poor scientist to deal with it. Ever since then he has been known for messing with people or even killing them for pure entertainment or getting towards his unknown goal.

Personality and Behavior

Ignis is abrasive so he will annoy his target with banter. He will torture someone by lighting them on fire and then extinguish them,back and forth. Also he seems to follow a goal looking for something and what ever it is, he will kill with no hesitation to get to it.

Abilities and Powers

Due to him being a demon, he has basic fire manipulation. He has the power to use his mind to move objects, he does not need to use his magic to lift and throw objects. He is a knowledge seeking demon so he has very high intelligence. He is very mischievous, he has the power of illusions, he can create copies of himself or others, so he can trick others to make a escape or a strategic advantage. He uses basic magic attacks such as: Magic bolts,manipulation of people and objects.

Faults and Weaknesses

Even though he can cast magical attacks, can be quite injured by them himself. He does wear a medallion, most of his magical power is stored inside said medallion, so ripping it off or even destroying it will take his power away. He is a demon, so holy or angelic elements will harm him badly.