Hatchet Sniper
Hatchet Sniper
Creator Slender Canada
Creation 9 June 2016
Debut King Demoman Castle
Type Hatchet Man
Alignment Bad
Attitude Mean (Normal)
Very Dangerous (Combat)
Fighting style Spy and Pumpkin Thrower
Abilities Streght attack
Weaknesses Frail defence
Weaker Without Pumpkin
Overconfidence (Occasionally)
Status Alive
Occupation Pumpkin Wizard
Subordinates Hatchet Sniper
Allies Pumpkin Spy and Cortosionist Soldier.
Enemies King Demoman and his sons Prince Red and Blu Scout
Campers at halloween camp


He's a blue sniper with a fire hatchet in his hands and serve of that to kill his victim.

Character and Behavior Edit

He's a kidnapper that's why he kidnapped Blu Prince Scout in King Demoman Castle when he get out, but he's almost always with his hatchet except when kidnapped someone, when he finally get his hatchet he can kill anyone he want only for his own pleasure.

Powers and SkillsEdit

His only skills its his hatchet, he can kill anyone with them except if someone its mor smart then him and kill him before he can kill him, he always won sometime because he was faster then anybody else.

Notable VideosEdit

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King Demoman Castle

Massacre at Halloween CampEdit


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