Faceless One
Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 30.8.2016
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Murderous
Demonic Psychopath
Fighting style melee
Abilities Enhanced strengh
The Curse of Faceless one
Dark Rift
Pillar of Abyssal Flame
Head Toss
Can die only in abyss
Weaknesses His body is vulnerable while possessing someone
Warning sign(circle) when pillar of abyssal flame is cast
While casting vulnerable
Slower while on daylight
Status Alive
Occupation Gathering powers for Abyss
Wants to cut every living soul in his way to pieces
Superiors Houndmaster
Abyssal Tauren
Subordinates Houndmaster
Abyssal Tauren
Allies Houndmaster
Abyssal Tauren

Faceless One is RED pyro created by steam user:Chaos Sorcerer.

His Battle theme is : The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST - Welcome, Imlerith


Faceless one was once most powerfull general of abyssal armies. But even the mightiest must once fall. In fight of Abyssal horde and unknown kind that didnt wanted to serve abyssal armies victory was sure but no one expected the mightiest General would fall that day. Or at least it was through like that happened. With mechanics and dark magic of abyss he walked once again betwen living. But he lost some of his powers. Seeing there was nothing to conquer more in abyss and not wanting to train new recruits he joined the members of Abyssal hunters. Now he roams the lands of freak world trying to gather power for invasion of abyssal armies.

Appearance and Personality

Faceless one is RED pyro wearing Plutonidome, Arsonist Apparatus, Moccasin Machinery and Gas guzzler. He holds fel sword from WoW game.

He joined the members of Abyssal Hunters just to have some fun and to kill anyone he sees messing with him isn´t good choice.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced strengh

The Curse of Faceless one- Faceless one send in front of him orb that will curse anyone in its reach. Infected upon dying will explode damaging anything around them. This curse can be only lifted by light powers.

Dark rift-Faceless one will open portal that lasts 5 minutes from where the abyssal guards or his 2 allies will come to assist him.

Pillar of Abyssal flame- Faceless one will create in small area a pillar of pure abyssal flame.

Head Toss- Faceless one will toss his head with special glass that cannot be broken by anything. Head will come back on its place when Faceless one wants.

Possess- Faceless one will possess weak target leaving his body for 20 minutes then he will come back to his body and possesed victim will not remember anything.

He or at least his soul can be only killed in abyss. When his body is in really damaged state it will self repair even when its burned, totaly destroyed or anything but it will take quite a big time until it self repairs.

Faults and weaknesses

When he possess someone it makes his body vulnerable and when destroyed it makes his soul go back to abyss.

Possessed targets can fight with him inside him sometimes making the body of possesed target only stand there.

Pillar of Abyssal flame is in really small area and it will take 12 secs until it activates making where he created small circle around so it warns anyone not so stupid.

While casting vulnerable.

He is slower while on daylight.


  • This freak was inspired by Johann Kraus from Hellboy.
  • Abyssal Tauren and Houndmaster of abyss have ability Dark Rift too.