Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Protector
Abilities Enhanced strenght
Throwing axes
Hate of Burns
Quick Turn
Weaknesses Slow
Slow attacks
When enraged goes only for foe that enraged him
Throwing axes and his attacks are easy to dodge
Execution is useless if opponents aren't tired of battle
Status Alive
Occupation Guardian and main executioner of Scientistic Medic
Superiors Scientistic medic
Subordinates Nearby allies of scientistic medic
Allies Scientistic Medic
Fire Mech Boy
Night Bringer

Executioner is BLK demoman TF2 freak created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer

His main theme is : Creature Feature - Bad Blood

His theme when enraged: Becoming The Archetype Mountain Of Souls Instrumental Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack


Another servant of Scientistic medic. The story of this one isn't much known. It's said he was once feared demoknight but got captured by Scientistic medic for experiments. Now he is main executioner and also guardian of scientistic medic and executes any experiment that has gone wrong. 

Appearance and Personality

Executioner is BLK demoman. He is wearing Spine-Tingling and Spine-Twisting skull (A Distinctive Lack of Hue), Sole Saviors, Dark Age Defender, Executioner (A Distinctive Lack of Hue),Batter's Bracers and fighting with Scotsman's Skullcutter and little throwing Fire Axes.

He is mainly protecting his master and executes anything that tries to hurt him but more then anything he hates pyros and fire controling freaks the reasons are unknown.

Weapons and Abilities

Enhanced strenght

Throwing axes- He will throw little fire axes at enemies if they are ranged or running away from him.

Hate of Burns- He will become enraged when someone tries to burn him. He gets fully immune to fire, take less damage and rapidly regenarates until the foe that got him in this state is dead , run's away from him for 20 meters or stops burning him for 2 minutes. 

Summoner- Calls out nearby allies in a fight.

Quick Turn-Turns around quickly if struck from behind.

Execution- He can instantly kill anyone that is low and can't fight anymore or some normal mercenaries(snipers, medics, scouts, spies, engineers and pyros)

Reanimation- If he die's after few hours he will come back to life

Faults and Weaknesses


Slow attacks

When enraged he will mainly go after opponent that enraged leaving him vulnerable to others.

Throwing axes and his attacks are easy to dodge.

Execution is useless against heavies, soldiers, demomans or freaks until they can still fight.


Some abilities were based of strenghts and weaknesses of uruks from shadow of mordor.

He is using voice lines of Executioner uruk from shadow of mordor.