Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 27th of October, 2016
Debut Pending
Type Ghost
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Devious
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Random Occurrences
Telepathy of Inanimate objects
Weaknesses Weak Attack and Defense
High will power
Stronger Freaks
Easily manipulative
Status Alive
Occupation Member of the MTaUA
Superiors Scouter Boss
Allies Comload
Edge Scout

Entity is a RED Medic freak created by wikia user and Steam user, Mimicry Legends.

His theme is Kevin MacLeod - Twisted


Entity is seen wearing the Second Opinion, the Colonel's Coat, the Grimm Hatte and the Gaiter Guards.

Personality and Behavior

Entity is a silent individual, he usually strays from high levels of activity and only reveals his true colors when the situation turns into a dire state. His only reason he joined the MTaAU is to find power and to rise as a leader to all normal mercenaries, his unlimited hold as the leader of the Upper Employees already fills his unstoppable hunger for complete control, and to bend those who he possess to his own devious will. He will send his other Upper Employee, Tremble since he has more power over him, but Entity will always have enough smarts to overpower and proclaim himself as a leader.

He also, unknowingly, has power over the Gentry Agent, Edge Scout, even though the leader of the Gentry Agents, Comload, is the assigned leader. Entity's plans are to overthrow MTaAU's boss Scouter Boss, and to possess all the mercenaries at a national scale, to finally achieve his goal as an unstoppable leader.

Powers and Abilities

Entity has the ability to make random occurrences happen, without his telepathy which include making a cup spill, change a seat's arrangement or even go to commit paranormal occurrences. Entity has the will to control the powers of telepathy, and with this, he can convert inanimate objects into intelligent beings, to serve as a distraction so that the Gentry Agents can finish the opponent swiftly. Entity also has the power to posses, but only to mercenaries or low-ranks and using this, whenever MTaAU's employees go into a state of confusion, Entity can use his possession to get mercenaries to stand at a designated position as "pointers" and go into their "reference pose" and using his telepathy, can lead the confused employees to their exact location.

Faults and Weaknesses

Entity lacks the power and stamina to deal with higher ranked freaks, and will usually send the Upper Employees and the Gentry Agents to deal with the freak, but if they are to fall quickly, Entity is defenseless against what he is facing. Freaks with high will power can deflect Entity's possession and will weaken him as long as he tries to keep possessing the enemy. As said, Entity lacks power to deal with higher ranked freaks himself and is easily manipulative and will kindly accept if he is offered a higher position as a leader or wing-man.


  • Entity's powers, including his telepathy and pointers, are inspired by The Enemy series.