Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 22.8.2016
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Insane
Abilities Earth Shock
Throwing Multiple Sharp rocks
Traveler´s Stone
Stone form when defeated
Weaknesses Doesn´t think tacticaly
Will attack stronger freaks
weak against explosive dmg
Status Alive
Occupation Trying to end his pain by killing multiple people

Drukon is BLU Medic TF2 Freak that was created by Steam user: ChaosSorcerer.

His Theme : WoW - Soundtrack: Xaxas (Deathwing)


Drukon was blue medic explorer that found with his team ancient doors to tomb of unknown King. Going there was their biggest mistake. Almost everyone died only Drukon and his two teammates sniper and spy made it to the end. They found a treasure but Drukon´s eyes were looking at the ancient hammer while his two teammates were grabbing all the gold there was. He couldn´t translate the text but he took hammer anyway. When they found escape out of tomb he did not tell anyone of the hammer and kept it for himself.

Two months later Drukon had nightmares that were growing to whispers and pain in his body. He was diyng but ghost like creature come to him and said "If you want to survive my child take the hammer and kill your two teammates that survived in my tomb" Drukon scared of death did not thing twice and done as king said. But what he did not mention was when he does that he will make packt that will give Drukon insane pain but also great powers. Drukon scared of death and with insane pain now wonders all over the freak world.

Appearance and Personality

Drukon is blue medic wearing Second Opinion, Surgeon´s Side Satchel and Das Metalmeatcansen. He carries cursed Necro Smasher.

Drukon is insane murderer and killing anyone who stands in his way just to serve as painkiller.

Powers and Abilities

  • His hammer can break even the strongest wall in tf2 world.
  • Hammer gave him this abilites: Earth Shock, Traveler´s Stone and Multiple throwing sharp rocks
  • Earth Shock - When he strikes ground under his feet very short distance but powerfull shock will be around him for twenty seconds.
  • Travelers stone- Drukon summons stone that he will hop on and make him move or chase victims faster.
  • When he is defeated he will turn into stone form instead. He cant move or attack in this form but after a week he will come back.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He just wants to end his pain so he will not think tacticaly and he will attack even stronger freaks
  • He is weak against explosive damage.
  • Earth shock will be usseless against long-ranged targets
  • If there is one thing he fears more then death its demons.