De lord of tables
Creator icy guy2
Creation 2015
Debut Pending
Type Table
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Racist
Fighting style Mid-Long Ranged
Abilities Table Summonry
Weaknesses Flammable Head
Pie Allergy
Status Alive
Occupation Genocide(r)
Subordinates Tables
Allies Tables
Creator's TF2 Sona
Enemies Anything that isn't a table

De lord of tables is an ORG Spy table made by Icy guy2.

Appearance Edit

In his normal form, De lord of tables appears as an ORG Spy wearing a duck on his belt, with his head being repleaced by a table. In his dormant form, he appears as a generic table.

Personality Edit

De lord of tables is a table and human hybrid. He vows to kill or destroy anything that is not a table. If he spots a person, he will prooced to yell out "unaceptable!".

He usually speaks louder when he gets to the "table" part. He will sometimes begin his sentence with "Not a table?..." and then the "unaceptable!" part. His only bit of friendliness towards something that isn't a table was his creator's TF2 Sona.

Powers Edit

De lord of tables has various table related powers. He can summon tables at will, and also has a telepathic link to all tables, meaning that he can summon any table regardless of their location.

When wounded heavily, he enters his dormant state. In this form, he transforms into a table and appears to be nearly invincible, as only the strongest attacks can break him. While in this state, he also regenerates damage dealt in his normal form.

Weaknesses Edit

  • De lord of tables is not especially strong or smart, being bested by most freaks in his normal form.
  • He is completely immobile in his dormant form.
  • He will revert back to his normal form after three minutes in his dormant form.