Captain Huzan
File:Screenshot 2016-10-14 at 8.40.39 AM.png
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Freak
Status Deceased (Human)
Deactivated (Robot Human)
Allies Teingu

Captain Huzan is a RED behemoth and is made by user Captain Huzan's TF2sona.

His theme is _____.

Appearance Edit

Captain Huzan wears the Doe-Boy, Faux Manchu and the Shaolin Sash

Personality Edit

Captain Huzan was a kind creator of a separate earth that no longer exists due and perished with it

The robot version of Huzan was good only for awhile but was infected by virus while his programming was being updated, turning him into a Violent killing machine

History Edit

Captain Huzan was a kind creator of a separate earth that no longer exists due to his and Teingu final battle which cause it to implode on itself, while Teingu survived, Huzan died from a unknown cause along the way

Huzan was later remade as a robot, but became virus infected, turning the copied robot violent and destructive/ the creator of the copy shut it down and put it deep underground where no one could find it, because it was made of indestructible metal. A lone red medic fired from a freak named Crazyman unknowingly unleashed Huzan who slowly walked away to go on a violent rampage.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The robot of Huzan is nearly indestructible and is very heavy weighted, along with able to land a fatel blow to some freaks with one punch

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Huzan's speed is very slow. He moves as fast as a snail and can be easily escaped from

He cannot detect camo freaks or teleportation's

He has no true power other than high durability and can be imprisoned once again very easily

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