Bloke Weasel
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation 01-11-2017
Debut Working on
Type Freak
Alignment Neutral Evil(when not hired)
Chaotic Evil(when Hired)
Attitude Carefree
Fighting style Long range
Melee(when needed)
Abilities Stop Time
Superhuman Strength
Archery Skills
Weaknesses Fragile body
Explosive attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Assassin
Superiors Beltrik the Hated
His hired Superiors
Subordinates Mutant Cabals
Mafia henchmen
Allies The Broken(brother)
Enemies Freak Hunters
his Targets

Bloke Weasel is a BLU Sniper TF2 Freak

His theme is Destiny OST 27 - "Cabal Stomp"

Origin Edit

He was a 6 years old boy at Dustbowl with his Dad and Brother working on a experiment to travel across dimensions and see other timelines but before it was finished a group of freak hunters attacked their home for working with a Daemon and shot his Dad to death.

while his brother tried to fight back he was "killed" from a shot to the head while he was thrown in jail for intel he was let out at the age of 25 for good behaviour.

He wanted revenge for his dad and brother when he retuned home he finished the machine and traveled to Borneo but the machine malfunctioned and caused his Freak powers and him to go mad and went on a killing spree on the people near by.

Appearance Edit

He's seen wearing the Anger, Sniper's Snipin' Glass, Outback Inllectual and Huntsman's Essentials wielding a Festive Huntsman

Personality and Behaviour Edit

He Hates freak hunters for hunting His dad and Brother like Freaks and he will kill them if he has a chance to. And his weapon of choose is a Festive Huntsman he'll even team up with Evil Freaks to get his Dad and Brother's revenge from Freak Hunters and he loves brutally killing people and putting them up as trophies on his walls at home

Power and Abilities Edit

  • Archery Skills: It's his Huntsman's arrows change to shoot faster and harder to pin down most regular people and low rank Freaks
  • Shatter Arrows: He shoot a crit Arrow which turns to 10 regular arrows at his Foes
  • Time Stop: he only uses Time Stop to get out of bad situations or to weaken his targets but it lasts for 8 seconds
  • Regenerated Limbs: It allows him to slowly regenerate his lost limbs in fights and from fights
  • The Swordgun: It's his only form of Melee and it also shoots like a Scattergun\Lock-N-Load to fight at close range

Faults and Weakness Edit

  • Due to being a Glass Cannon he can't take much damage or punishment while fighting
  • He's Vulnerable to explosive or Earth using Freaks.
  • He has a Durability as a regular Sniper

Trivia Edit

  • He suffers from insanity
  • he has a spilt presonilty of Being Crazy, Murderess and Sadness