Creator BacterialBlake (Self-Created)
Creation February 6, 2016
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Indifferent

Lovable, Can be Hostile

Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Bacteri-o-Kenisis

Powerful Regeneration

Weaknesses Anything death-related

Antibiotics Necroldier

Status Alive
Occupation Free Roamer
Superiors Erzengel
Subordinates Redneck Sniper

Dream Demoman

Allies Porkgineer

Plague Doctor Erzengel

Enemies Necroldier

Nightmare Medic The Disciples


BacterialBlake was originally a GRN engineer who was kind and gentle. It was until one day, when a RED Medic kidnapped him, saying to do it for "Experimental" purposes. Blake was brought to the RED Medic's lair, and was experimented on for what seemed like hours. It was until the medic reached his last syringe. It glowed green, and was labeled- "Project Bacteria".

The syringe contained naked-eye visible Bacteria cells, and were squirming around in the syringe like a slaughterhouse. Blake glanced at the syringe, seeing as the medic brought it, almost dramatically, towards Blake's left arm. Time seemed to slow as it was brought to his tricep, and was injected by the solution. Blake felt a sudden jolt of pain travel up his arm, across his chest, and basically to every nook and cranny of his body. He looked at the medic with a look of disgust, and sheer anger. Blake saw as his heart glowed a lime green, and his veins were doing just the same. At this point, he couldn't handle the pain any longer, and his memory faded. The last thing he is said to remember was the medic laughing maniacally.

Blake woke up abruptly the next morning to see that this vision was a tad blurry, but was slowly coming back to him. He sat up and looked around to see that he was on koth_nucleus. As the memories of the medic and the Project Bacteria came back to him, anger came along with it. That day forward, he vowed to get revenge on the RED Medic for what he did.

Personality and Behaviour

BacterialBlake normally acts indifferently towards everyone, unless they have special relations with him (i.e. If he is interested in them, or if they are closely known people). He can normally act hostile or aggressive to anyone who has done wrong to him in the past. 


BacterialBlake, as his name suggests, is able to manipulate bacteria cells to his will. He can also sense life (i.e. Invisible Spies or snipers from far away.) It's best just to be friendly with BacterialBlake, because he can manipulate ANY bacteria, including the Bacteria on your very body. Which can allow him to close organs, stop hearts, crush bones, etc.

Faults and Weaknesses 

He is a Herald of life, so he detests death, and all of it's forms. As such, he is weakend by anything death related, including Zombies, Necromancy, and Ghosts, as he cannot manipulate them, either. Anything that fights bacteria, (i.e. Medicine, Antibiotics) is also a major weakness.

Notable Videos, Cosmetics

Official YouTube Channel

Necroldier's Revenge (Do not be fooled by the introduction of the video, there is a reason it's called "Revenge")