Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation December 2016
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Fighting style Long-Ranged
Abilities Hallucination Creation & Manipulation
Enhanced Stamina
Weaknesses Fragile as a normal human
Hallucinations cannot physically harm
Must use his own blood to create hallucinations
Status Alive
Occupation Wandering over TF2 Freak World

Azione is GRN Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user EngieSpark and wikia user Chaos Sorcerer.


Azione appears as a GRN Medic wearing the BLU Surgeon's Sidearms painted Indubitably Green, the Das Feelinbetterbagen painted Indubitably Green, and the Unknown Mann. His eyes appear green instead of the regular medic's blue eye color. He is seen carrying his trusty Sydney Sleeper.

Personality and Behavior

Powers and Abilities

  • Hallucination Creation & Manipulation - Azione can create and manipulate hallucinations via the darts in his sydney sleeper. The liquid in the darts is made of Azione's own blood, and other unknown herbs. It is currently still a mystery why his blood can be used for this purpose.
  • Enhanced Stamina - Since Azione needs to use his own blood to create hallucinations, Enhanced Stamina helps Azione keep his energy up.

Faults and Weaknesses

Besides his unusual powers he is fragile as any human. This means that even strong non-freak can easily beat him in hand to hand combat.

Hallucinations can only harm a mental health of people and freaks. Besides this effects they cannot trully harm physically thus making it a very useless ability in terms of physical harm.


  • Azione's name comes from the word allucinazione which translates to "hallucination" in Italian.