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One of each Abrute type.
Creator Gaming Tobbe
Creation September 2015 (Concept)
Type Abomination
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Murderous
Fighting style Short to Mid Range
Abilities Immense Strength (Medium and Large sizes)

Fast Speed (For some) Breaking the law of physics (appearance)

Weaknesses Explosions
Larger Freaks (Small sizes)
Extreme Electrocution
Status Alive
Allies Unknown
Enemies Humans

Humanoids Various animals

Abrutes are a species of RED, BLU and robot Heavy TF2 Freaks, created by Youtube user Gaming Tobbe. They are a strange and violent species known for their odd physique and large/tiny sizes.

The theme that plays when one or more docile are around is: SCP Containment Breach - SCP-106 Theme Bump In The Night

Their hostile theme is: SCP containment breach - SCP - 096 Music

== Appearance ==

Abrutes appear as deformed RED, BLU and bot Heavies with inflated heads and slightly distorted faces. Many Abrutes are slightly larger or slightly smaller than a normal heavy, but some can be smaller than a sentry gun or very large. They fight mainly with their body, with smaller and "normal"-sized Abrutes using their fists mainly and larger using their feet to try and squish whatever target they have.

== Powers and Abilities ==

Abrutes have stock Abrute abilities, those being immense strength, a violent charge that can crush opponents and a high pitched scream that can stun individuals for a short amount of time.

== Faults and Weaknesses ==

* Abrutes are weak to explosions, giving Freaks with explosive weapons or powers a big advantage against them.

* Magic is even more effective on Abrutes than explosives as they are extremely weak to it.

* For much smaller Abrutes, larger creatures and Freaks are very dangerous due to them being able to squash them easily.

* Abrutes are resistant to electrocution but if they are electrocuted by something very powerful or electrocuted for a long time they will be very weakened and possibly killed.

== Trivia ==

* The species name is a portmanteau of the words "Abnormal" and "Brute".

* They are loosely based off of the Titans from the anime Attack On Titan.

== What You Need for This ==

* Garry's Mod and TF2 to make videos.

* Ragdoll Resizer tool, Face Poser tool and Inflator tool. Ragdoll Resizer is an addon, look it up on the workshop for Garry's Mod.

* To create Abrutes simply take out a RED BLU or bot Heavy ragdoll, change its size if you want to. Then inflate its head, then inflate and deflate any body part (excluding its head) however you like, then distort its face slightly and then you've created an Abrute.